Friday, December 4, 2009

Variasi Abu Baitcaster Terunggul

Variasi Abu Garcia kekili berprofil rendah untuk casting (mengilat)

Kekili berprofil rendah dari Abu Garcia menerja pasaran dengan menampilkan Abu Garcia Blue Max, Silver Max, Pro Max, Revo STX, Revo SX, Offshore, kepada kaki mengilat.

Blue Max
Dilengkapi MagTrax brakes, Duragear Brass Gears, 6.2:1 high speed retrieve, Cam lock, ADS Wiffle Spool, Instant anti reverse, and of last but certainly not least, the assurance of a quality brand giving you peace of mind and the upmost trust this reels ability and performance!
Stylish Blue anodised finish
Left Hand Retrieve
2 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
A must for lure anglers!!

Abu Revo SX
The SX siri yang boleh diperoleh dalam two speeds, a 6.4:1 version, or a 7.1:1model and are now available in kiri dan kanan. The high speed 7.1:1. The Swedish engineered Revo also features Linear Magnetic™ brakes, Duragear™ brass gears and synchronized level wind. Salt or fresh, like all Abu Garcia® reels, they are "Built for Life".

Pro Max

Swedish engineering, MagTrax™ brakes, Duragear™ brass gears, 6.2:1 high speed retrieve, cam lock, ADS (anti-distortion) wiffle spool, instant anti-reverse, flipping switch, and the Abu Garcia® name that anglers around the world trust to meet their fishing needs.

Pro Max

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